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Who want to help me to save animals

Here are people who want to save animals:

- FakeDetector [ meeeeeee ]

- lalaland [ thnx a lot lalaland ]

- Ashleyme [Thnx a lot Ash :X:X:X]

- VanessaHudgens4You [ thnx a lot :X ]

- stellaTHudgens [ thnx :X:X:X ]

- MandyJirouxAmanda [thnx ]

- DetectedFakeAndReal [ Tnx bbz ]

- MileyPartUltimateParty [ tnx bby ]

- MilezzCyrusMe [ tnx bby, love you :X ]

- TiffRealMe [ tnx a lot luv u (L)]

-xDemmzLovato [ tnx Demmz]

- DemmzMilezSellz [tnx bby]

- coolgirlme [kiss you :*]

- Realstarsandcelebritiesfake [thanks a lot :x]

Comments • 13

LoVeYoU 26 September 2010  
TiffRealMe 7 April 2010  
Mee!!!I'm an animal-lover <3
MilezzCyrusMe 4 April 2010  
Mee!!I am an animal-lover!!!!Just tell me what i have to do..:X
FakeDetector 6 April 2010  
me too:XX
wel...if you want just make:
-give animals food when you see a hungry animal
-treat sick animals[if you can]
-love animals :X
MileyPartUltimateParty 2 April 2010  
DetectedFakeAndReal 2 April 2010  
MandyJirouxAmanda 15 March 2010  
VanessaHudgens4You 5 March 2010  
ok,I will try to do something:x Luv you bby!
FakeDetector 9 March 2010  
thkx a lot Nessa :X
lalaland 2 March 2010  
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