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For u MilezzCyrusMe

Oh ! Thanks a lot b-cuz u reconigzed.That means you are a good person not bad like other fakes.Thanks b-cuz you reconigzed.I think is necesary for all the fakes to reconigzed.You are an example for all the fakes.I love you so much b-cuz you say the truth.I don't have any words :D.You are a good person...Kisses :*
B-cuz you are an example
B-cuz you are an example

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FakeDetector 3 April 2010  
yeah i know but u're an example for all
Thanks for reconigzed
MilezzCyrusMe 2 April 2010  
Thank you so much!:X I love you too.and yeah..I think that I am a ''good person'' and an example because..It is so sad stealing stars's life, event if these stars are your idols!
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